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Farm transfers

If you’re looking to transfer farm assets or you’re a young farmer looking to build your farm, the Transition Loan can help make it happen. It allows you to make payments so you can manage your cash flow or build equity quickly – the choice is yours.

Transition Loan


  • Disbursements are made to the seller over time, up to five years, and interest is charged only on the disbursed amount

  • FCC will finance the down payment for a maximum of seven years for qualifying purchasers

  • Choose interest-only payments or principal-plus-interest payments

Benefits for the buyer

  • May not need capital for a down payment

  • Sellers are more willing to accept payments over time because FCC guarantees they’ll receive the full sale proceeds

  • Improve your cash flow by choosing interest-only payments or build equity with principal-reducing payments

  • AgExpert Bundle: Get AgExpert Accounting Premium and AgExpert Field Premium for one year (a $499 value)

Benefits for the seller

  • No risk because FCC guarantees full payment of the sale proceeds backed by a written Payment Schedule Guarantee

  • Receive payments over time, which may give you tax advantages

  • The size of payments made to you can vary and be extended for as long as five years   

  • Help another farmer take over your operation without putting your own money at risk

Other loan features available for farm transfers

  • Pre-approved lines of credit

  • Deferred payments

  • Interest only option

  • Extended disbursements


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