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FCC Advisory Services
Better transition planning starts here

Let's talk transition

FCC Advisory Services is a complementary program designed to help farm families gain clarity, identify goals and determine the next steps in their transition journey. 

Our national team of Business Advisors is here to listen and ask the important questions. We can help you start the conversation, define goals and intentions, eliminate barriers and explore options. 

Get started

For any questions, contact your local FCC office or schedule an online consultation today.

What we offer

  • Informal discussion to identify transition goals

  • Gap analysis between your current and desired state

  • Recommendations on next steps or options

  • Resources and information to help you develop your transition plan

  • Connections to an industry-wide referral network of professionals who can help you execute your plan


Advisory Services does not offer formal transition plans and technical advice on accounting, legal, financial planning, etc.

We focus on pre-transition and believe successful planning takes a team. We can help you communicate better with your current technical advisors. Or provide resources and encouragement to find experts you can trust.