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FCC’s integrity declaration

FCC acts with integrity, balancing business decisions with individual needs to achieve our vision of sustainable growth and prosperity for Canada’s agriculture industry.

FCC is committed to supporting the industry over the long-term, and through all cycles. We work with customers to understand the material issues that they face and to help them identify and resolve issues in a way that generates a positive impact on society while minimizing the risks associated with their business.

Our committed partnership begins with complete disclosure on all aspects of our customer’s business.

We lend only to individuals or businesses with integrity who respect and adhere to applicable municipal bylaws, provincial and federal laws and regulations, who hold all permits and licenses required by law, and whose activities respect and care for:

  • the environment by exercising reasonable care to safeguard the environment through stewardship of land, air quality and water,

  • animal welfare through application of the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) Codes as a foundation for animal care,

  • labour standards by upholding requirements set through Canada’s labour laws including for seasonal workers, and

  • in general, society and human rights.

We do not lend to individuals or businesses who:

  • willfully neglect applicable operating laws and regulations,

  • engage in any money laundering activities or are involved in financing terrorist activities, or

  • are involved in illegal or other activities that could harm FCC’s reputation and/or do not align with our expressed commitment to sustainability.

Our customers must disclose in writing to FCC if they:

  • anticipate or are involved in any legal action, or any proceedings before any court, tribunal, board or agency or if there are any unexecuted judgments rendered against them;

  • are in default under any material contracts that affect their business or assets;

  • have declared bankruptcy (discharged or undischarged) or have been the subject of other insolvency proceedings or proposals;

  • have been in arrears in the payment of income, business or property taxes, GST, HST, sales tax, payroll deductions, or similar payment obligations;

  • have been convicted of a criminal offence (except for a conviction for which a pardon has been granted);

  • have undergone any type of investigation or have been accused or convicted of any offense related to fraud, money laundering or terrorist financing;

  • are aware of any of their directors, officers, shareholders or partners being involved in any of the preceding issues, as applicable.

If a customer fails to conduct business in line with the integrity commitments and required disclosures set out above, FCC may consider this to be an event of default or cause to end any contractual relationship between the customer and FCC. Specifically, FCC may decline to provide further financial services or make any further loan disbursements, terminate the
loan(s), demand immediate repayment of any outstanding loan balance or other amount due, or enforce FCC’s interest in any property pledged to secure the loan.