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2023-25 Accessibility Plan

FCC is committed to helping make Canada barrier-free by 2040. In order to achieve that goal, we’re committed to identifying, naming and removing barriers to accessibility for employees, customers and partners. For more information on our commitments, read our 2023-25 Accessibility Plan. If you have suggestions for improving accessibility, please read FCC’s Accessibility Feedback section.

Progress reports

Since the release of our Accessibility Plan, we have been working to implement the outlined goals. This report provides updates on the progress we’ve achieved so far.

1. General

2. Areas Described under Section 5 of the Accessible Canada Act (ACA)

3. Consultations

People with disabilities were an important part of our accessibility planning. We consulted with people with disabilities throughout the process. We asked our employees with disabilities about barriers they have faced while working at FCC, and we asked their perspectives on how we can make things more accessible. Employee feedback was important to help us focus our goals. We also worked with an independent accessibility advisory group made up of Canadians with different disabilities. They helped to bring a customer perspective to our planning.

4. Conclusion 

Canadians rely on our customers for their food, and our customers rely on us. We need to be accessible to our customers, the industry we serve and our employees so they can all do their very best work. Inclusion is part of our vision for a brighter future. This plan and taking meaningful action on the goals within are part of our commitment to building a more inclusive tomorrow.