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Food and Beverage

Proud to be 100% invested in Canadian agriculture and food.

We lend money, share knowledge and provide other services to support the food industry. From start-ups to mature enterprises, we partner with businesses and entrepreneurs to help you reach your full potential. If your business is looking to grow or expand, let's talk and help you find new opportunities through our networks and financing expertise.

Find financing for your business.
Find financing for your business.

Let's talk and see if our financing might be right for you. Contact your local Corporate and Commercial team to see how we can help.

Who does FCC finance?

With over 65 years in the industry and over 102,000 customers from all areas across Canada, we have the expertise and relationships to help your business.

We’re not only your lender, we’re your trusted partner. We understand the food industry and will work with you to structure the loan that makes sense for your business.

Abattoirs and meat processors
Commercial bakeries
Food and beverage equipment
Food processors and manufacturers
Frozen foods, blending and milling
Grain and oilseed processing
Speciality foods
Wholesale and distribution
Wineries and distilleries

Types of financing we provide

FCC plays a vital role by providing specialized products and services that help customers grow their businesses, take advantage of new market opportunities, and innovate to become more efficient and sustainable.


Equipment and inventory

Expansion and construction

Real property

Start up

Mergers and acquisitions

Stretch debt and cash flow requirements

Syndicated lending

Venture capital

Loan advice and information

Business financial ratios
Business financial ratios

Use these financial ratio calculators to determine your operation’s liquidity, solvency, profitability and coverage.

Knowledge and resources

FCC Food & Beverage Report
FCC Food & Beverage Report

Explore opportunities and challenges for Canadian food manufacturers in 2023.