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Indigenous procurement program

FCC is committed to advancing truth and reconciliation and strengthening business relationships with Indigenous businesses, communities and Peoples. We recognize that our procurement can play an important role in providing value and opportunities to Indigenous Peoples, and we have built our Indigenous Procurement program to:

  • Support economic growth for Indigenous-owned businesses, communities and Peoples  

  • Achieve greater inclusiveness for Indigenous Peoples through the FCC supply chain 

  • Provide guidance to Indigenous vendors on how to capitalize on opportunities in the FCC supply chain

  • Promote Indigenous inclusiveness, labour and skills development with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous vendors

Contact us

For more information about the FCC Indigenous Procurement Program or supplying to FCC, please contact indigenousprocurement@fcc-fac.ca.

Progressive Aboriginal Relations - Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

FCC is committed to continual improvement in Aboriginal relations and to working across cultures.