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FCC Customer Complaint Policy

Policy objective

The FCC Customer Complaint policy is a commitment to hold ourselves accountable by responding to and resolving complaints at the most appropriate level in the corporation.

The FCC Customer Complaint policy ensures consistent messages are delivered to individuals making complaints.

Effective date of the policy: June 30, 2009

Policy statement

Any person may make a complaint to FCC. All complaints will be treated with fairness, integrity and respect with consideration to FCC values.

Whenever possible, customer complaints will be resolved by the district office or the Customer Service Centre (CSC). Employees who are accountable for the relationship with the complainant have the authority to provide a resolution.

When a complaint cannot be resolved at this level, it can be escalated to the District Director or the Manager of the CSC. If a resolution is still not found, the FCC Complaint Officer can be contacted.

It is appropriate to escalate a complaint to the Complaint Officer when:

  • a resolution has been attempted but has been unsuccessful

  • the complaint has been received through third-party sources

Where possible, every effort will be made to understand the complaint and reach a mutually satisfactory response for the customer and FCC. Not every complaint will produce an agreeable outcome. For example, after acknowledging and investigating a complaint about a loan decline, the result may be that the loan is still declined. In each case, the complainant will be advised of FCC's final decision and the business reasons behind the decision.

Processes and procedures


Every complaint will be recorded electronically or on paper. An employee will be appointed to be accountable and ensure that the:

  • customer is acknowledged in a timely manner

  • customer's contact information is confirmed

  • complaint is investigated and documented

  • resolution is developed

  • customer is kept informed at all times as to the status of their complaint

  • final response to the complaint is provided to the customer within service standards

If the complainant is not an FCC customer, the complaint and resolution will be recorded in a complaint file and all investigation materials and the resolution will be sent to the Complaint Officer

The complaint file will include the:

  • name and address of the complainant

  • description of the act or practice that is thought to be unfair or in violation of any law or FCC policy

  • relevant facts

  • response from FCC

  • name of the person delivering the response from FCC

Complaints are confidential and only the people needed to resolve the concern will be involved. Personal information provided to FCC is protected under Canada's Privacy Act.


All complaints will be acknowledged within one business day, communicating to the complainant that his or her feedback has been received and ongoing status updates will be provided.  The most appropriate person, within the scope of authority of the policy or business process that is the subject of the complaint, will respond to the complaint.

Respondents include:

  • customer service representative

  • financial services specialist

  • relationship manager

  • manager, district director or senior director of the CSC

  • vice-president

Where appropriate, a member of FCC's senior management team or FCC General Counsel will respond to a complaint.

Roles and responsibilities

Effective date:

The FCC Customer Complaint policy is effective June 30, 2009.


The FCC Customer Complaint policy applies to every FCC employee receiving a complaint.


Exceptions to the FCC Customer Complaint policy are not permitted.

Review and approval:

The FCC General Counsel is responsible to review and approve all amendments to the FCC Customer Complaint policy.

Policy maintenance:

FCC Legal Services is responsible for the management of the FCC Customer Complaint policy.