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Fraud prevention

Taking action against fraud

Making sure you’re protected from fraud is a top priority at FCC. Let us know if you suspect or want to report fraudulent activity related to your relationship with FCC. We investigate all tips received. Information is kept confidential.

There are many different types of fraud including identity theft, mortgage fraud, security theft or misrepresentation. 

Two ways to take action if you suspect fraud:

  • email report.fraud@fcc.ca

  • phone the FCC Confidence Line at 1-800-661-9675 (this number is confidential and managed by a third party)


  • give as much detail as possible

  • include name of person or company suspected

  • explain your allegation thoroughly

  • name the city or town and province of suspected activity

  • include any other information you think is helpful

Decisions to prosecute are determined by law enforcement or regulatory agencies and are not under the control of FCC.