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Code of Conduct

Acting with integrity is a core value of FCC. FCC employees have an obligation to speak up in good faith and report possible violations of this Code. FCC also provides the public with direct access to FCC's Ethics Officer if they would like to discuss a particular situation.

Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act


This Code of Conduct and Ethics [PDF] applies to FCC, the FCC Board of Directors and all FCC employees (including permanent, term, contract and work placements).

Although it is not possible to describe every situation that may be encountered when dealing with FCC, the Code is intended to articulate the basic principles and expectations concerning the conduct of FCC and its employees, as well as providing some specific guidelines.

FCC Code of Conduct 2023 cover
Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector

As a federal Crown corporation, FCC is a part of the broader public service of Canada. FCC’s public policy role is to serve Canadians and the public interest under the direction of the elected government and in accordance with the law.

As federal Crown employees, our work is essential to Canada's well-being and the enduring strength of the Canadian democracy.

The Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector is a guide to the values and behaviours expected from all of those who work in the public sector in all activities related to their professional duties. These values are:

  • respect for democracy

  • respect for people

  • integrity

  • stewardship

  • excellence

For the complete Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector and the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, visit the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat website.

FCC’s Ethics Officer

Questions regarding the FCC Code of Conduct and Ethics or complaints regarding the conduct of FCC employees or Directors who may be in violation of this code can be directed to the FCC Ethics Officer:

E-mail: EthicsOffice@fcc-fac.ca

Farm Credit Canada
Attention: FCC Ethics Officer
1800 Hamilton St. P.O. Box 4320
Regina, SK S4P 4L3

Call the ConfidenceLine at 1-800-661-9675.