How to apply

Things go better when you’re prepared. Here’s what to expect during the application process.

Step 1 - Cover letter

Tell us why you want to work at FCC and what you’re looking for in a career. Your cover letter should include:

  • Position you’re applying for and competition number
  • Why you’re qualified for the position
  • Brief summary of education, experience and skills related to the job

Step 2 - Resumé

Your resumé reflects you and what you’ve accomplished. When creating:

  • Ensure contact information is current and correct
  • List education, employment experience and volunteer work
  • Choose available references who can comment on your skills and abilities

Step 3 - Online application

  • Review the job you’re interested in and select Apply
  • Next, create or sign in to a Candidate Home Account
  • Complete the application questions, attach your cover letter and resumé, and submit
  • After posting closes, you can view your status in the job competition

Step 4 - Interviews

Bring your resume and copies of your professional credentials (if applicable). It’s also helpful to learn a bit about FCC and what’s important to us. And we’re happy to answer any questions you have about FCC and the role you’re applying for.

In your interview, you’ll meet a selection committee of two to three people. Tell us about yourself and be prepared to answer questions using the STAR method:

  • Situation: tell us about a challenge you were faced with
  • Task: tell us about what you were trying to achieve from the situation
  • Action: tell us about what actions you took to overcome the challenge
  • Results: tell us about the outcome of the challenge

You’ll only be considered for a position with FCC if you’re legally entitled to work in Canada. Eligible applicants include: Canadian citizens, permanent residents and refugees in Canada with legal status. Temporary visitors, student visa holders and those waiting for permanent status will not be considered.