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Financing for cannabis and hemp operations

Before applying for financing, you must have the appropriate Health Canada license(s).

Follow these key success factors:

Management Assessment

The following will need to be understood in-depth:

  • Executive Management Team – knowledge, expertise, history and background
  • Compliance Officer – with the evolution of changes in Health Canada regulations, do you have such a position and if not, who is looking after ensuring you are compliant?


What is your marketing plan? Do you have any arrangements with any of the Provinces?

Repayment analysis

An in-depth credit analysis needs to be done and will focus on:

  • Cash flows and projections
  • Needs and sources of Operating requirements including equity and working capital 
  • Security
  • Guarantees

Business Model

We need to understand the business plan.  Several types of licenses are available through Health Canada, and FCC will need to understand which type of licenses you require and any level of integration.  For example, will you be integrated (cultivation and processing) or just cultivation? If you're not integrating your operation with a processing license, who will you be selling to, what off-take agreements do you have?

It will be important to understand the specific activities as license requirements will differ.  

FCC finances corporations and individuals that are directly involved in the cannabis industry.  FCC does not finance third parties that are making investments into these businesses.  

Once you have fulfilled these requirements and are prepared to proceed, contact your local FCC office.