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Cannabis and hemp operations

FCC finances corporations and individuals directly involved in the cannabis industry. We do not finance third parties who invest in these businesses or cannabis retail operations. 

Application requirements

Before you apply, you must have the appropriate Health Canada license(s) and be able to provide in-depth detail about the following:

Management and compliance

  • Who is your Executive Management Team? What is their knowledge, expertise, history and background?

  • Do you have a compliance officer? If not – who on your team ensures compliance as Health Canada regulations evolve?


What is your marketing plan? Do you have any arrangements with any of the provinces?


An in-depth credit analysis will be conducted and focus on:

  • Cash flows and projections – the business must be cash flow positive

  • Operating requirements including equity and working capital

  • Security and Guarantees

Business Model

What’s your business plan? Several types of licenses are available through Health Canada, and we need to know which one(s) you require and any level of integration. 

For example: Will you be integrated (cultivation and processing) or just cultivation? Who are you selling to, if you're not integrating your operation with a processing license? What off-take agreements do you have? License requirements differ – so understanding the specifics is important.

Next steps

Once you've fulfilled these requirements and are prepared to proceed, please contact your local FCC office.