Credit Lines

Finance your needs, your way with FCC revolving, pre-approved loans.

FCC Credit Line

When it comes to bridging the cash flow gap, it’s nice to know you have the funds to keep your day-to-day operation running smoothly. It’s everything you need: a revolving, pre-approved loan that provides money for working capital. And to make it even more convenient, you can access account information online or by phone.


  • Purchase inputs, supplies, fuel, fertilizer, seed, feed – finance all your operating expenses
  • Pre-approved, revolving loan
  • Open variable rate
  • Interest-only payments
  • No down payment required on your purchases


  • Reassurance knowing you have immediate access to working capital
  • Easy and convenient control of your account
  • Reduced paperwork and account reviews
  • Revolve it with your production cycle

FCC Advancer Loan

The FCC Advancer Loan pulls out all the stops. It’s everything you need: a pre-approved, secured loan that continually re-advances funds as you grow your operation. And you’re in charge. You determine when you want loan funds disbursed to your account.


  • Purchase land, buildings, livestock, quota or other personal property
  • Open variable rate
  • Ability to continually re-advance funds
  • Interest-only payments required with principal payments at your discretion
  • Ability to convert in whole, or in part, to a term loan with a fixed repayment schedule


  • Reassurance of knowing money is available when you need it
  • Principal payments made at your discretion
  • Re-advancement of funds with no paperwork
  • Reduced payments compared to standard loans
  • Security negotiated up front

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