Five things every aspiring farmer should know

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Five things every aspiring farmer should know

The idea of starting a farm from scratch is daunting. Major investments in land and equipment. Not to mention all the money in inputs such as seed and fertilizer. All to gamble on the fact that mother nature will allow you to produce a crop that someone will buy.

A life in agriculture takes passion, commitment and a lot of courage. Here are a few other pieces of advice to help you realize your dream.

  1. Learn from others. Talk to other farmers in your sector, attend farm open houses and twilight tours, go to industry education events. Ask questions and listen to the advice of those who’ve been there.
  2. Science matters. A lot of problems in farming can be solved by understanding the science behind the issue affecting the crops or livestock you’re growing.
  3. Be patient. Building a farming business takes time and curve balls can come in many forms, so growth and success won’t happen overnight.
  4. Love what you do. Agriculture takes passion and dedication, and you’re likely to struggle to succeed if you’re not committed to the farming lifestyle.
  5. Get started. That first opportunity might not be entirely ideal and taking that first step can be the hardest decision you’ll ever make – but you won’t realize your farming dream without it.