13 farm transition case studies to help you plan

Looking for a few good examples of transition in action? Read these fictional case studies created from BDO and MNP that illustrate real-world scenarios that can happen during the process.

It pays to revisit your transition plan so changes to elements such as capital gains allowance or land values don't catch you unaware and affect the plan’s usefulness.

A brother and sister discover if the “related party butterfly” process is the right move for their farm family.

The Smiths thought an equipment auction and land rentals were the way to go on retirement, until a conversation with a neighbouring farm family made them rethink their options.

When injury impacts a thriving farm partnership, should the brothers shift roles and responsibilities or does one buy out the other?

Crafting a process together can be the ticket to smooth operations when many people and factors are at play.

Restructuring makes it easier to manage tax and assets.

Starting a new business while running a stable farm operation is possible with the right formula.