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From our August 2021 dairy outlook, sluggish demand growth and high feed prices hampers profitability.

Here’s how this summer’s severe drought drastically reducing yield forecasts will potentially impact profitability over the next quarter.

In post 4, we illustrate how much influence COVID had — and didn’t have — at the farm of a barley producer with close ties to an Alberta maltster.

In Post 3 of our craft beer series, we explore the role of the maltster as the indispensable conduit between craft brewer and barley producer.

Alberta’s craft brewers and retailers could withstand the damage that COVID wrought on most small businesses. Here’s how they did it. Post 2 of 4 in our series on the economics of the craft beer supply chain in Canada’s prairies.

With the market shift to craft beer, consumers now drive trends. Part 1 of 4 in our series providing a glimpse into the economics of Alberta’s craft beer supply chain.