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Building a successful food brand: How to stand out and get noticed

5 min read

Small- and medium-sized food processors need to refine, test, re-test, optimize and then head to market with their product.

Consolidation continues to be ever-present among food processing and manufacturing businesses in Canada. Despite this, small- and medium-sized companies keep popping up coast-to-coast and bringing with them innovative ideas, agile decision-making and fearlessness.

Every company hopes to get to a point where just its name conjures up its products in the minds of consumers. However, that can take time, effort and money. Here is how two food and beverage manufacturers stood out on their own to build their brand to success.

Bottom line

There are tremendous opportunities for small- and medium-sized food manufacturers and processors in Canada. Understand that your company’s smaller size is a large advantage as you can swiftly react to changing markets and opportunities that present themselves. Companies that embrace new-school marketing avenues like emerging social media platforms also stand to gain, and at virtually no cost.

Article by: Trevor Bacque

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