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Guides for food and beverage entrepreneurs

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Are you an entrepreneur looking for insights to run a successful food and beverage business? Our curated series of Peter Chapman playbooks will equip you with strategies to help get your products on shelves and into consumer carts. Each dig into a particular topic – learn how to work with retailers, manage your costs, build your brand and stay ahead of the trends.

Download them all or focus on what matters to you

Working with retailers

Need strategies for selling products? Get Peter Chapman’s working with retailers playbook.
Download nowPeter Chapman's working with retailers playbook

Developing your pricing strategy?

Get Peter Chapman’s managing your costs playbook.
Download nowPeter Chapman’s managing your costs playbook

Building your brand

Want ideas to get your product noticed? Get Peter Chapman’s playbook for marketing success.
Download nowBuilding your brand: Peter Chapman playbook

Peter Chapman

Retail Marketer, Author, Speaker & Consultant

Peter Chapman understands how large retailers make decisions. His company, SKUFood, provides services to producers and manufacturers who want to increase their sales to large, centrally structured retailers or specialty retailers. Benefit from this valuable insight as Peter helps you understand your customers and how to sell more products to them. Peter is a regular contributor to FCC Knowledge and speaks at FCC events.