What to expect when you call a mental health help line

Provided by John McFadyen - Mobile Crisis Services Inc.

  • Crisis workers will listen to you talk about what is worrying you
  • They may ask you to provide information about your current situation, past situations, your current and past supports (family, friends and professionals)
  • They will help you tell your story
  • They will keep all aspects of your conversation confidential
  • They will help you prioritize the issues you have identified, not judge you for what you’re going through
  • They will assess what has worked well and what hasn’t
  • They will help you determine what needs to be addressed and what can wait
  • They will help you determine what you have control over and those issues you have no control over
  • They will problem solve with you and identify alternatives


The hardest part is that decision to pick up the phone and call. 


CALL 911 NOW if you feel this is an emergency for you or someone else. Don't hesitate. Trained first responders are available to help.