We’re empowering the next generation to find their place in the Canadian agriculture industry with financing, advisory services, transition resources and networking opportunities. If you're under 40, this is the opportunity you've been looking for.


Being successful in agriculture is a lifelong journey of learning, adapting and growing to keep up in today's changing world. From preparing for your first loan, to understanding the markets, to best practices in managing your business, we're here to help you every step of the way.

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Money & Finance

Make the most of your farm finances.

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Strategy & Planning

Set yourself up for success in every stage of business planning.

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Learn how to create a smooth farm transition.

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Learn the basics of trade and Canadian ag and food in the global marketplace.

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Managing People

Build your boss skills and lead employees with confidence.

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Generative AI such as ChatGPT can be a powerful addition to your business planning. Learn ways to use it and pitfalls to work around.

Sometimes, farm transition seems so far off that planning is postponed. But this can lead to unique challenges for both the senior and junior partners.

A plan fuelled by vision and passion creates an exciting venture for a farming family. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. What can they do to keep their dream alive?


We’re here to support you throughout your career. This includes a wide selection of loans and services for young farmers under 40. Access the capital and knowledge you need for every stage of growth in your business.

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Loan Essentials

Learn how to prepare your successful loan application.

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Find the right financing option for you

Young Farmer Loan

Grow or expand your business by purchasing a farm or agricultural-related assets.

Learn more about financing for young farmers

Young Entrepreneur Loan

Start or expand your business, or purchase shares, buy or improve an existing ag or food-related business.

Learn more about financing for young entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

Financing and resources to help women in agriculture and food invest in their futures.

Learn more about financing for women entrepreneurs

Starter Loan

Is your ag-related business less than 3 years old or do you want to start one?

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