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The ever-changing role of women in agriculture

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How is the role of women in agriculture changing, and what are the best ways to capture the opportunities?

Chantelle Donahue

Vice-President, Commercial Leader

Agriculture, period, is changing! However, there's also a strong recognition that the presence of women is increasing. We're starting to see greater presence of women in senior leadership roles, serving on boards, and I guess you could say we have started to change what the "old boys' club" looks like.

I want to be very specific. Throughout my career, although I felt I was working in a male-dominated industry, I never let that be an obstacle. Rather, I always tried to view it as an opportunity – recognizing it was so important to prove myself on merit and ability.

Personally, as a mother, wife and employee, I believe it's absolutely imperative you choose the right partnerships. Without the right partnerships and alignment on expectations, I believe it is impossible to manage it all. Even at the best of times, the choices are difficult.

Don't lose sight of the importance of good friends, mentors, leadership development, collaboration and authenticity. Finally, be passionate about what you're doing and own your choices.

Trish Jordan

Senior Business Partner, Government & Industry Affairs

Today, women dominate as graduates from agriculture faculties and agri-related fields of study. This creates a more diverse talent pool for employers to choose from. In addition, most employers today are committed to creating inclusive and diverse workplaces. How can women capture the many opportunities that agriculture offers?

  • Focus on your current role and relentlessly deliver on the projects in front of you.

  • Never doubt you can take on a “stretch role” to learn and grow.

  • Don't be embarrassed if you don't know everything. If you want to learn, you have to be willing to show vulnerability and ask questions.

  • Speak up when you have a perspective or experience to share.

  • Exude confidence even when you don't have it.

  • Walk into a room as if you own it.

  • Seek out mentors.

Women face additional pressures at home. Get extra help for the second shift (wife, mother, grocery shopper, supper cooker, chief homework helper, lunch packer and bedtime reader, not to mention house cleaner and laundry guru).

Sophie Perreault

Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer

Today's agriculture industry is changing incredibly quickly, and new opportunities are coming up every day. Whether it's in production, marketing, trade, education or finance, we need enthusiastic, talented people who can help our industry meet its full potential. And considering women have always been vital contributors to family farms, it's not surprising that we're also taking leadership roles in all these areas.

I think it's the best of both worlds. Women bring a deep passion to their roles – and a fresh perspective on how to move our industry forward.

This is an amazing time for Canadian agriculture. The role our industry plays in feeding a growing global middle class cannot be overstated. Collectively and individually, we need to put our best foot forward.

From an AgriSuccess article 

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