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Marty Seymour
Director of Industry Relations, podcast host

FCC Knowledge: Talking Farm and Food

Agriculture is not only a way of life, it’s a business. Talking Farm and Food is a monthly podcast that highlights the stories and experiences of farm business entrepreneurs and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Join Marty Seymour as he talks to Canadian producers about their lives, their businesses, and the farm management topics you care about. If you’re looking for advice on money and finance, transition, managing people, strategy, leadership and more, this is the podcast for you.

Presented by AgExpert. Software designed for Canadian agriculture. 

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Season 2

  • 42 min watch

In this episode, Kenneth Carrier shares how he uses the skills from his former life in marketing and finance to run two successful apple orchards.

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In this episode, Sherri Pauls shares her experiences of marrying into agriculture and how resiliency, regular farm meetings and humour helped her along the way.

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Season 1

In this episode, Marty and rancher Jill Harvie talk cows, knowing your customers, using data and the importance of making time for in the office work.

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Learn how a young chicken farmer from Quebec is realizing his dream through amazing mentors and his farming community’s support.

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Learn how Emma Butler and her husband, owners of J&E Meats, built a successful farm-to-storefront business with innovation, transparency and getting social.

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Marty Seymour talks with Garnet Martin, a senior partner at the end of his family’s farm transition journey, about lessons learned along the way.

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Marty Seymour talks with Mike Ferguson, a junior partner in his operation about how his family worked towards a successful farm transition.

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