Your Path to Farm Transition

Check out the recordings of our 9-step virtual event series on farm transition. Hosted by FCC Business Advisors and transition experts, each episode features a step in the process to help you along the path toward transition.

Want another resource to help you stay on track? Download our Transition Planning Checklist below. Prefer to listen? Check out Season 3 of the FCC Knowledge Podcast.

In the first webinar of the series, we explore if you are prepared for farm transition. Learn how to gather the correct farm structure and estate documents and details.

In the second webinar of the series, explore if you are financially ready for farm transition. Learn how to assess and summarize your current financial picture while considering your family dynamics.

In the third webinar of the series, explore if everyone is on the same page in your farm transition. Learn to listen and communicate so that everyone is committed to shared values and goals and building a solid foundation together.

In the fourth webinar of the series, explore why successful farm transition planning is a team effort. Identify who’s on your professional advisory team and what skills and expertise are needed to fill the gaps.

In the fifth webinar of the series, learn why will and estate planning is critical to transition planning and how to maintain a detailed, current will that supports your business and family commitments.

In the sixth webinar of the series, learn how to build a written plan, budget and agreements that are consistent and consider all generations' values, vision and goals.

FCC Business advisors continue the conversation about business planning as it relates to equity and allocating resources.

Is your successor set up for transition success? In this seventh webinar of the series, learn how to share knowledge and help the next generation gain the skills and experience needed to move the farm business forward.

In this eighth webinar recording of the series, learn how to lead through alignment and activation of your plan. See FCC Business Advisors in action as they role-play sample conversations and share best practices.

How do you keep your transition plan alive? In this final webinar of the series, learn how to communicate regularly with stakeholders and advisors, review your plan, and identify when you need to adapt and change.