Money mindset: Making budgets and cash flow strategies work for you

  • 1.5 min watch

Budgeting and cash flow – what’s the difference, and when do you use them? Stephanie Holmes-Winton, CEO and Founder of CacheFlo, shares how a cash flow strategy can simplify your spending behaviour and why you should save budgets for purchases with a beginning and end.


Learn how to think about saving and investing differently and why you should diversify how you spend – and protect your cashflow.

Learn why one of the smartest things a farmer can do is carve off a bit of personal income regularly and to separate farm from family finances.

Learn how to reframe debt as a power tool, that when used correctly and safely, can achieve positive results.

Learn how day-to-day personal spending is the one thing farm families can control immediately to improve their financial health.

Learn how to find out your credit score and why it’s important to pay attention to this financial metric.