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7 best agriculture and business podcasts to listen to on the farm

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Plenty of jobs around the farm open the door to multi-tasking, whether it’s fieldwork, running into town for supplies, or something in between. And an increasing number of Canadian farmers use this time to work in some extra learning, inspiration or skills development by listening to podcasts. Podcasts are easily accessible at your fingertips from your smartphone on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music or Google.

We asked you which podcasts you listen to. Here they are.

We asked for your suggestions of the best podcasts you listen to, and below is a list of your favourites.

The ideas, advice and resources available through these podcasts can help you run a better business. Some in this list are purely business-oriented - from history lessons to future markets. Others are more agricultural-related podcasts, which are increasing in popularity, especially in Canada.

Search for these podcasts in your favourite podcast subscription platform.

The Business of Agriculture Podcast by Damian Mason

This U.S. podcast offers tips for success, ideas for self-improvement, and mental stimulation for people who make agriculture their Business.

The Rural Women Podcast

The Rural Woman Podcast, based in Canada, is a collection of stories from women in farming, ranching, homesteading, agriculture and more. Each of these women is doing life in their unique way and sharing their stories.

The FCC Knowledge Podcast

Agriculture is not only a way of life – it’s a business. Talking Farm and Food is a monthly podcast highlighting the stories and experiences of Canadian farm business entrepreneurs and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. 

The First Sixteen

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's new podcast series explores the freshest ideas in agriculture and food. Each episode explores a single topic and digs deep into new practices, innovative ideas and their impacts on the industry.

Off the husk

By sharing the day-to-day experience on the family farm in Minnesota, Millennial Farmer Zach Johnson builds the connection between farmers and consumers.

SharkFarmer Podcast

This Illinois-based podcast interviews farmers, ranchers and those who are passionate about agriculture.


Freakonomics Radio tells you things you always thought you knew (but didn’t) and things you never thought you wanted to know (but do) – from the economics of sleep to how to become great at just about anything.

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