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What if you could test and analyze your soil with on-the-spot results? This high-tech soil probe will give a readout of every key metric you could possibly want, in a matter of seconds.

Payroll practices have become more organized, making things easier for you and your employees. Learn how to prioritize yours.

Being sustainable and financially viable go hand in hand on the farm. New technologies help meet long-term targets while improving efficiencies and meeting demands of local and global customers.

Enterprise analysis is critical in determining profitability. Analyze costs, revenues, time commitment and how the venture relates to other farm enterprises to generate an accurate picture.

On-farm technology should create efficiencies, automate process, validate conditions or provide useful data. Read how you could benefit from sensor technology evolution.

Avi Gill has a vision for the new and different, knowledge of an untapped market and an adventurous spirit. That’s helped him and his family create something people love.

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