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A will is an important part of protecting your family’s future and the future of your operation. Learn the components of a will, how to choose an executor (or liquidator), and what information you should prepare for your professional advisors.

Being in control of your business is a good thing, but problems can develop when leaders attempt to control people instead. Learn to spot the difference.

In this fictional case study, not accounting for financial challenges puts a family’s farm transition plan at risk. Their experience highlights the importance of planning for the unexpected, managing cash flow and working together to find solutions.

Good data can help increase efficiency and produce powerful decision-making tools, but agriculture presents unique challenges for AI and machine learning. Learn how your operation can benefit.

René Morel and his wife Maggy are dairy and cranberry producers in Quebec who have strategically diversified their business and are focused on setting the next generation up for success.

Solar panels can be an option for on-farm renewable energy. It’s important to consider payback period, the location of the panels, and any available rebates or subsidies when conducting your cost-benefit analysis.

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