Manage your net worth online

Create and maintain your net worth in Online Services. Review, update and submit changes when it’s convenient for you.

Have your information handy and complete in 4 simple steps

step 1

Sign in to Online Services and select Net Worth.

step 2

Enter your assets and liabilities.

step 3

Read and acknowledge the terms and conditions.

step 4

Submit your statement. *

* If submitting a joint net worth, your spouse/common-law must also acknowledge your net worth statement. 

Need more details? Download our tutorial.

Frequently asked questions

You can securely upload your accountant-prepared net worth statement and other supporting financial documents using the Upload Documents option.
Contact your FCC team and discuss the required changes.  You will be asked to update your working copy and resubmit it.  
There are situations where you may receive an error message when completing a joint net worth. In all cases, you can continue to fill out your joint net worth but cannot submit it. Please contact your FCC team.  
Your spouse/common-law must have an Online Services account. They can register at
Because we care about your privacy, each person must have a unique email to verify their identity. Have your spouse/common-law update their email in their Online Services account. 
To account for different borrowing scenarios, you can make edits to the imported FCC liabilities. Changes are marked with a line through them, so FCC will know what you have changed. Remember to include a comment when making your changes.  
FCC Leasing information is managed by a third-party provider, and we can’t pull that information into Online Services.  

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