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Dairy Farmers of Canada, Lactanet and Starbucks Canada

Working with Dairy Farmers of Canada and Lactanet, FCC has created an incentive program for eligible FCC customers. The criteria to qualify will be a combination of herd sustainability metrics and proAction® environment module results.

Producers on milk recording with Lactanet can use the recently launched Herd Sustainability Index results, while those not on milk recording can qualify by providing similar metrics.

About the incentive

Incentive payments are calculated as a portion of your FCC lending, up to a maximum of $2,000 in one year. You can reapply annually throughout the life of the program.

Additional incentives provided by Starbucks Canada

Starbucks Canada is partnering with Dairy Farmers of Canada to support FCC’s Dairy Sustainability Incentive Program to reward the sustainability successes of Canadian Dairy farmers.

Starbucks Canada will be providing an additional incentive of $1,000 to eligible applicants in the categories of Top Achieving and Most Improved. Applicants are eligible to receive incentives in both categories and could receive up to $2,000. The metrics used to determine the recipients for the Top Achieving and Most Improved categories are outlined in the program eligibility criteria.

While customers can receive the FCC incentive throughout the year, recipients of the additional Starbucks incentive amounts will be determined following the close of the program on Dec 31, 2024.

By completing the application, you acknowledge and agree that an indication of eligibility within the application form does not guarantee your eligibility or that you will receive an incentive payment.