FCC Women Entrepreneur Program

FCC is committed to empowering women in agriculture, agribusiness and agri-food. Through our research and discussions with women in agriculture, we discovered three key needs: increased access to capital to start or grow their business, access to business and competency skill development for themselves and their business, and access to tools, resources, and people to learn from and be inspired.

Through the Women Entrepreneur Program, FCC has dedicated $500 million over the next three years in lending, enhancing events and creating resources specifically for women entrepreneurs to start or grow their business.

Through access to financing, value-added offerings to expand their skill set and connections to people and organizations across the industry, we’re helping ensure a diverse, open and forward-thinking agriculture industry for everyone. 

Women Entrepreneur Loan

If you’re a woman involved in agriculture and/or agri-food, the Women Entrepreneur Loan can help you take the next step in starting or growing your business.

  • One-time loan processing fee waiver for up to $1,000 throughout the lifetime of the program to invest in skill development that best suits your business needs.

Connect with an FCC Relationship Manager to determine rates and payment structures that work for you.

Call 1-888-332-3301 to learn more.

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Grow your skills

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In-person learning events focused on topics identified by women as most sought-after development.

Launching Fall 2019

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