FCC and our participating livestock suppliers across Canada provide flexible and convenient financing tailored to the needs of feeder cattle and breeding livestock producers.

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Finance through a Livestock Finance Supplier

Financing livestock through a participating livestock finance supplier gives you the convenience of one-stop shopping for your livestock purchases and a program designed for cattle producers, by cattle producers.


  • work with experts who know the industry
  • unique products built for cattle producers
  • purchase and finance livestock at the same place
  • realize your equity faster through proportionate payments


  • customized pre-approved lending limits
  • modest down payment, or pooled or non-pooled security deposit accounts (depending on your livestock supplier)
  • no prepayment penalties
  • competitive rates

Finance through FCC

When you finance livestock through FCC, you have the flexibility to customize your financing – your way.


  • work with an FCC Relationship Manager to determine rates and payment structures based on your needs
  • option to purchase Loan Insurance


  • pre-approved lines of credit
  • deferred payments
  • interest-only payments
  • extended disbursements

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