Financing Options

Build on your business plan with flexible financing from FCC. We look at your goals and provide the financing to help you get there. If you want to finance equipment, expand your business or finance a need specific to your operation, we’ll build a plan that works.

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Term Lending

Looking to build a plant? Purchasing equipment or a new technology to make your business more efficient? FCC provides flexible financing options that work for agribusiness and agri-food operators. Choose from different interest terms, maturity dates, amortization periods and repayment schedules and make your money go further.

Lending features

  • pre-approved lines of credit
  • interest-only payments
  • multiple and extended disbursements
  • pay in American dollars (minimum loan of $1 million US required)
  • option to purchase Loan Insurance

Syndicated Lending

If you’re looking to grow and compete in the market, FCC can help. We partner with other lending institutions to provide financing that fits your business.

Use FCC syndicated lending to finance:

  • acquisitions
  • expansions
  • recapitalizations
  • leverage buyouts
  • project finances
  • working capital

Inventory Financing

If you’re a farm equipment dealership and you need funds to finance the inventory you hold for resale, FCC Inventory Financing is ready to work for you. FCC Inventory Financing is a revolving, pre-approved loan that provides money for agricultural equipment inventory. And to make it even more convenient, you can access funds and account information online.

Two plans:

New equipment: monthly interest payments plus semi-annual curtailments due in full in two years or when the unit is sold, whichever comes first.

Used equipment: monthly interest payments plus quarterly curtailments due in full in 18 months or when the unit is sold, whichever comes first.


  • assurance knowing you have immediate access to funds
  • easy and convenient control of your funds and account information
  • reduced paperwork


  • finance new and used agricultural equipment inventory
  • pre-approved, revolving loan
  • open variable rate
  • monthly activity statements
  • user-friendly, online access

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