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AgExpert Analyst

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Understand your bottom line

AgExpert Analyst accounting software makes managing your farm finances easier. Perfect for all types of agricultural producers, you can use as much or as little of the program as you need.

Price $499

AgExpert Mobile

Record transactions as they happen

Why wait to record transactions at the end of the month when you can record them as they happen? Used with AgExpert Analyst, download AgExpert Mobile on your iPhone or Android phone to record transactions from anywhere. No more lost receipts, less paperwork at the end of the month. 


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Field Management

Field Manager PRO

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Better business planning for your farm

Field Manager PRO keeps all your crop and field management information in one place. Update in the field, and quickly compare crop scenarios. Look at field history from past years and make great business decisions for your agricultural operation. 

Price $499

Field Manager PRO

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See your farm like never before

Field Manager PRO 360 revolutionizes how you manage farm data. Get all the crop and field management you’d expect, plus map and compare your operations, all tied into your Geographic Information System (GIS). 

Price $1,199*

* Existing customers - $699


FM PRO Mobile

Manage your farm from the field

FM PRO Mobile – used with Field Manager PRO or Field Manager PRO 360 – turns your wireless device into a field and crop management tool, letting you choose where and when you manage your farm data. Create and share field records from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. 


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Field Manager Commercial

Connect your growers and customers

Field Manager Commercial helps processors, industry associations, crop input suppliers and agronomists track and filter grower data. Save time, increase accuracy and improve traceability.

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