Customer Declaration

FCC acts with integrity, balancing business decisions with individual needs to achieve our vision of sustainable growth and prosperity for Canada’s agriculture industry.

Our committed partnership begins with complete disclosure on all aspects of your business. We lend only to individuals with personal integrity. We do not lend to those whose business or other activities will negatively impact FCC’s reputation and detract from the corporation’s ability to attract and retain other customers.

For example, FCC will not finance people or businesses that:

  • attempt to defraud FCC by inflating the value of land or equipment that they pledge as security, or otherwise mislead FCC as to the true value of their assets
  • deliberately violate provincial or federal laws or regulations regarding the care and treatment of animals
  • deliberately or recklessly pollute the environment
  • are involved in grow-ops
  • willfully violate employee or human rights
  • are otherwise engaged in activities that could harm FCC's reputation and commitment to promoting the interests of ordinary, ethical producers and agribusiness operators in Canada

Before obtaining FCC financing, we require:

  • your acknowledgement that you have read this statement
  • your confirmation that you know of no reason why FCC may have any concern with your business 
  • your confirmation that you are not involved in any of the examples listed above