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6 ways to make your farm skill transfer easier

  • 1.5 min read

When it’s time to transition the farm, one of the most important conversations to have is about the transfer of knowledge and skills. Is everyone on the same page about what’s needed to run a successful operation?

If you're part of a transition - as the owner or successor - answer these questions and use the related tools to help you formalize the process and get on the right path. 

1. What's the future vision for the operation?

Listen: FCC Edge featuring Michelle Painchaud

In this podcast, leadership and human performance expert Michelle Painchaud shares how to put your company vision into action. (Starts at 13 minutes)

2. Does the successor have a detailed business plan?

Read: 10 steps to a solid business plan

A business plan is a key tool that can set you up for success. Here's everything you need to create a great one.

3. What skills does a good farm operator possess?

Watch: How outstanding farmers do things differently

As the first, second-generation winners of the 2016 B.C./Yukon Outstanding Young Farmer Award, it’s not what Brian and Jewel Pauls do to be successful, it’s how.

4.What skills does the successor have or need to manage the operation?

Discuss: Growth plan for farm transition

What skills do you bring? What can be learned? What needs to be outsourced? This worksheet will help evaluate the strengths of all parties involved in a farm transfer.

5. How will the needed skills be developed?

Attend: FCC events

FCC offers free, farm management workshops and seminars  across Canada. Get practical tips from industry experts on business, finance and sector-specific topics. 

6. What can the current owner do to facilitate learning?

Connect: AgPal - Canadian agriculture program and service finder

Refer your successor to a team of trusted consultants like lenders, accountants and agrologists.

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