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Running a business-first family

5.5 min watch

Focus on Farm Transition videos provide strategies and advice to help you navigate the key challenges and questions that arise during the farm transition journey

Are you operating a family-first business or a business-first family? Family business consultant Jolene Brown breaks down these concepts and why it’s important to know the difference.

Key takeaways

  •  Business first family – structured to ensure people are paid for value, not genetics

  •  Non-family work experience is important – not all lessons can be taught by parents

  •  Next gen understands value of proper business structures and can help support it

  •  You can love family unconditionally, but as a business there are conditions

  •  Sometimes next best leaders of the business are not family members

  •  Let advisors talk to each other and get them all in a room together

Jolene Brown is an award-winning speaker, author, farmer and family business consultant. A champion for the people of agriculture, she shares her credibility, authenticity, humour and wisdom with audiences worldwide through her writing, keynotes, and workshops. 

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