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Real talk for the next generation

7.5 min watch

Focus on Farm Transition videos provide strategies and advice to help you navigate the key challenges and questions that arise during the farm transition journey.

Joining the operation as a junior partner takes grit, work ethic and a solid plan to show your value. Family business consultant Jolene Brown shares lessons every next gen in a transition needs to know.

Key takeaways

  • Being a part of the business is not a birthright - it’s about good leaders hiring good employees

  • It’s not the senior generations job to ensure the farm is big enough to bring kids back in

  • Younger generation – write a business plan that includes your vision, value and what that costs

  • Responsibility should be on those learning - but lack of clear expectations is a common issue.

  • Having a person whose job description is to vet the next generation a good approach

Jolene Brown is an award-winning speaker, author, farmer and family business consultant. A champion for the people of agriculture, she shares her credibility, authenticity, humour and wisdom with audiences worldwide through her writing, keynotes, and workshops.

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