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In this edition - January 31, 2020

How does transition planning begin? By broaching the subject, of course.

It’s full steam ahead for the winter conference season. And with a multitude of hot topics up for discussion, selecting which event to attend is a tough decision for producers.

Recruiting and hiring temporary and permanent workers is a constant struggle in agriculture. Experts weigh in on the challenges and offer some strategies to get those jobs filled.

In case you missed it

Legal agreements are important, but rarely used on the farm. In this episode, we explore why you need them, which ones to consider and why a handshake is not enough.

In this BDO Case Study, we look at a farm transition scenario where a childless farm couple find a lucrative option of transferring the farm to their employee.

Allison Finnamore

Based on the East Coast, Allison Finnamore has spent over 25 years as a freelance agricultural journalist, farm-to-business communications consultant and writer throughout North America. She’s been the editor of FCC Express since 2008.

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