In this edition - January 17, 2020

When it comes to budgeting for farm businesses, financial advisors say greater adaptability in managing variable income, careful consideration of what constitutes a true farm expense and financial clarity can all go a long way.

As technology use on the farm grows , digital information also increases, heightening the need to protect that valuable information.

As the world shifts in preparation of major disruptive forces like climate change and protectionism, how are Canada’s key agri-food markets poised to thrive?

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Common sense ideas to help keep your inbox under control.

Many New Year’s resolutions focus on fitness and weight loss. Three wellness experts offer other mental health goals farm families should consider.

Allison Finnamore

Allison Finnamore is the editor of the FCC Knowledge and Food & Beverage newsletters. Based on the East Coast, she’s spent over 25 years as a freelance agricultural journalist, farm-to-business communications consultant and writer throughout North America.

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