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In this edition - December 20, 2019

There’s no doubt stress affects mental health, from impacting concentration and decision-making abilities to causing severe anxiety and depression.

The suspension of three beef processing plants in Ontario will force more cattle to be processed outside the province, costing producers in both higher transportation costs and lower returns for their animals.

An alternative weed control option is coming, with widespread ramifications for agriculture.

In case you missed it

What are some common mistakes farmers make at year-end, and how can they be avoided?

How calculating liquidity, solvency and profitability can help you manage your cash flow, manage debt and stay profitable.

Allison Finnamore

Based on the East Coast, Allison Finnamore has spent over 25 years as a freelance agricultural journalist, farm-to-business communications consultant and writer throughout North America. She’s been the editor of FCC Knowledge Newsletter since 2008.

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