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In this edition - December 6, 2019

Farming is stressful. Equipment breakdowns at key times; unpredictable weather events – the list of stressors can seem endless, especially when coupled with life's happenings, some good and some tragic.

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Like livestock producers across the rest of the country, producers on Prince Edward Island who use a corn-based ration are looking at increased feed costs this winter.

Which countries hold the most potential for growing Canadian exports? And will our efforts to diversify make much of a difference?

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In case you missed it

Brooke McNeil and Katie McCallum are pursuing very specific goals: feeding a growing world population and empowering other farmers with research knowledge.

Starting a new business while running a stable farm operation is possible with the right formula.

Allison Finnamore

Based on the East Coast, Allison Finnamore has spent over 25 years as a freelance agricultural journalist, farm-to-business communications consultant and writer throughout North America. She’s been the editor of FCC Knowledge Newsletter since 2008.

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