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In this edition - August 2, 2019

At around the mid-point of the calendar year, some farmers may find it a good time to take stock of business operations.

Successful farmers know a farm vision provides focus and helps guide daily decisions. Creating the vision to propel a farm forward takes some time and thought, but experts say it’s well worth it.

FCC Economics July 2019 Outlook series shows that geopolitical and weather uncertainty cloud Canada’s food processing sector outlook.

Some big food retailers are implementing blockchain technology to trace products all the way back to the farm.

Hay shortage: Manitoba cattle producers say they may have to reduce herds

Cattle farmers in Manitoba say they may be forced to cut down their herds because there's not enough for the animals to eat.


Wet planting conditions cloud soy outlook

Market analysts at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada expect Canada’s soybean acreage to drop 10 per cent to 2.3 million hectares under pressure from low prices and dry growing conditions across Western Canada.


Minimizing bird stress all about barn management

Humidity levels must be measured and temperatures properly managed for optimum bird health.


Allison Finnamore

Based on the East Coast, Allison Finnamore has spent over 25 years as a freelance agricultural journalist, farm-to-business communications consultant and writer throughout North America. She’s been the editor of FCC Knowledge Newsletter since 2008.

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