Focus on farm transition series: video advice to help you get started

Focus on farm transition

Ag Transition Specialist Patti Durand offers strategies and advice to help you navigate the key challenges and questions that arise during the farm transition journey.

Parents are often hesitant about dividing estate assets fairly between farm and non-farming children. In this episode, we look at ways to achieve this while keeping the farm stable.

In this episode, we look at how to build a business relationship between junior and senior partners that’s proactive, professional and respects both sides.

Ever had the feeling that your family expects a lot of you, but they don’t tell you what? In this episode, we share the best farm team communication tips and how to get there.

Legal agreements are important, but rarely used on the farm. In this episode, we explore why you need them, which ones to consider and why a handshake is not enough.

Learn how tracking farm gifts like unpaid labour and lending equipment can help you preserve relationships and set clear expectations.

Joining the operation as a junior partner takes grit, work ethic and a solid plan to show your value. Family business consultant Jolene Brown shares lessons every next gen in a transition needs to know.

Advisors are an important part of any farm team. Here are some tips to help you find the right ones for your operation.

Are you operating a family-first business or a business-first family? Family business consultant Jolene Brown breaks down these concepts and why it’s important to know the difference.

When it comes to transition planning, farm and non-farm businesses have many things in common. Transition expert, Nevin McDougall shares best practices for both.

Options for transferring land while alive that keeps business structure and taxes in mind, while maintaining family relationships.

Patti Durand shares strategies on how to have that stressful conversation you might be avoiding that benefits you, your relationships and the farm business.

There are difficult conversations to have when discussing farm transition and succession. Annessa Good shares five topics to consider when sitting down to talk with your family.