FCC Speaker Bureau

Looking for a speaker for your next event? FCC has experts in many areas related to agriculture, food, agribusiness and more. To book an FCC speaker, fill out a request form and we'll connect with you.

Featured Speakers

Craig Klemmer
Principal Agricultural Economist

Craig specializes in monitoring and analyzing the macroeconomic environment, modelling industry health and providing industry risk analysis. In addition to his speaking engagements on agriculture and economics, Craig is a regular contributor to the FCC Ag Economics blog.

Topics: Global economic trends, agri-food trends, industry health, risk analysis

Faith Matchett
Vice-President, National Customer Service Centres and Atlantic Operations

Faith is passionate about agriculture, leadership, education and giving back to her community. She speaks  on a variety of topics, based on her experiences as Controller and Vice‑President her careers in non-traditional sectors such as construction, mining and agriculture and her entrepreneurial, visionary spirit.

Topics: Leadership, Business practices, Mental Health and resilience, women in leadership

J.P. Gervais
Vice-President and Chief Agricultural Economist

J.P. has over 20 years of experience analyzing domestic and international agricultural policies and markets, and his insights help guide strategy and monitor risk throughout the corporation. In addition to acting as an FCC spokesperson on economic matters, J.P. provides commentary on the agriculture industry through videos and the FCC Ag Economics blog.

Topics: Global economy, economic trends relevant to agriculture, agri-businesses and food processing

Marty Seymour
Director of Industry Relations

Marty has over a decade in sales and marketing and spent five years as CEO of Canadian Western Agribition. Marty engages with national associations, government officials and industry influencers to explore partnerships that add real value to Canadian agriculture.

Topics: Future of Canadian agriculture, use of technology in agriculture, public trust and trends in agriculture and food

Additional Speakers

Candace Hill
Manager of Brand Planning and Execution
Isaac LeClair
Social Media Consultant
Corinna Mitchell-Beaudin
Executive Vice-President and Chief Risk Officer
Leigh Anderson
Senior Agricultural Economist
Don Anderson
Senior Vice-President of Operations, Western Sales Area
Sébastien Pouliot
Principal Agricultural Economist