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Tonia Jahshan
Founder, President
Sipology by Steeped Tea

Steeped Tea began in a basement and became a multi-million-dollar Profit 500 company. That road to success had its fair share of twists and turns, ups and downs and many points along the way where passion was challenged by doubt. Perseverance, commitment and focus are at the core of what Tonia believes not only kept her on that road but helped inspire those around her to join her.

Tonia’s approach to her keynotes is humour and humility. She connects with the audience in a way that inspires them to act, rather than listen and leave. She sees her success through a frank and self-deprecating lens, unafraid to admit and share mistakes so that others can avoid them. The goal of sharing her story is to help pave the road a little smoother for those who have a plan of their own for personal success.