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For the health and safety of attendees and staff, all FCC in-person events are cancelled.
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Elevate your management skills

FCC Business Essentials will help you explore and measure your understanding of key farm management practices. Get practical takeaways to apply to your small-to-medium sized operation.

Business Essential topics

Lane Stockbrugger
Emcee, Farmer, Marketer, Speaker


Understand the key habits vital to high performance management. Energize yourself, your operation and make decisions with clarity and authenticity.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how leadership is an evolving journey
  • How self-care and stress management make better leaders
  • Develop skills needed to lead in uncertain and complex times

Rob Hannam
Farm Management and Communications Consultant

Strategy and planning

Discover how building a strategic framework can help you proactively solve problems, maximize opportunities, minimize stress and mitigate risk.

What you’ll learn

  • How to formulate a plan and remove assumptions
  • Why you need to create a living, changing document
  • Articulating your plan with all stakeholders
  • Setting priorities and sharing for input 

Lance Stockbrugger
Farmer, Speaker, Accountant


Identify how to track your financial performance and use basic ratios to make informed financial decisions quickly and with confidence.

What you’ll learn

  • Calculate and use 3 top financial ratios
  • Create financial scenarios to determine what you can and can’t control
  • Understand ratios from a lender’s perspective
  • Have a financial conversation with confidence 

J.P. Gervais
FCC Vice-President and Chief Agricultural Economist

Ag Economics

Recognize trends in the operating environment and  how to assess the risks to make informed decisions and investments. (Video presentation)

What you’ll learn

  • Connect the dots from whole value chain to operation
  • Find the most relevant information from credible, trustworthy sources
  • Make timely market decisions for better overall health for your operation


Develop tools to start the transition conversation, approach difficult topics, strengthen family relationships and work towards goals that keep the farm viable and sustainable.

What you’ll learn

  • Steps to a healthy farm transition conversation
  • Resources to help you along the transition journey
  • How to formulate goals and a vision for the operation
  • Benefit of having an exit plan as soon as you enter operation