FCC Farmland Values Report

The FCC Farmland Values Report provides an annual look at the regional land value trends across Canada in price per acre. Find land values on our interactive map, download the report and get big picture analysis from our Economics team.

What did values look like in 2020?

Select a province or region to get the farmland values for that area.

*FCC reference value $/acre.
**The value range represents 90% of the sales in each area and excludes the top and bottom 5%.

Farmland continued steady climb

The average value of Canadian farmland increased 5.4% in 2020, following a gain of 5.2% in 2019.

Producers should have and maintain a risk management plan that considers possible economic changes to ensure budget flexibility if commodity prices, yields or interest rates shift. Market conditions can change rapidly, which can impact land values.

In this series

Mid-year farmland values update shows a 3.8% increase despite drought and bumps in economic recovery.

Farmland rental income comes with tax laws that impact tax rates, so is it the best retirement revenue option for you?