Exploring Canadian ag & food exports

Canada’s agriculture and food sector is a global powerhouse – but how can we expand our export opportunities even further? In this video series, Dominic Barton, former Ambassador to China, management consultant and author of the Barton Report, shares insights into global markets and economic issues important to the industry.

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Video series

Dominic Barton explains how Canada has become a global agriculture and agri-food leader and why we’re positioned to raise the bar even higher.

Dominic Barton shares 5 ideas on how Canadian ag & food businesses can gain more access to global markets.

Dominic Barton explains how China’s market decisions significantly influence Canadian and global ag and food trade.

Dominic Barton discusses the disruption of Ukraine’s agriculture exports and the lessons we can learn about Canadian domestic supply.

Dominic Barton shares insights on how Canadian agriculture can gain more access and forge deeper relationships within the global food market.

Dominic Barton shares 3 key takeaways that can help business owners position themselves for global market growth.

Dominic Barton

Dominic spent over 30 years at McKinsey & Company, including nine years as the Global Managing Partner. Most recently, he served as Canada’s Ambassador to China. Dominic brings a wealth of global business experience, as well as a deep insight of geopolitics, corporate sustainability and governance. Dominic was previously Chair of Teck Resources, from 2018 to 2019, and, in 2019, served as a Non-Executive Director at Singtel Group and Investor AB.