Creekside Hothouse: Bringing big taste to tomatoes

  • 3.5 min watch

Creekside Hothouse owners Ravi and Gurinder Cheema share how they grow great-tasting tomatoes and why it’s important to share the food story with consumers.


  • Creekside grows and tests over 88 varieties of tomatoes from all over the world
  • Tomatoes ship between 6 and 24 hours from when they’re picked
  • Changes to packaging have reduced plastic usage by 30%
  • Cheemas proud to share the story of where food comes from with public


Hear from three farm operations that believe a brand is much more than a catchy name and a nice logo.

As second-generation winners of the B.C./Yukon Outstanding Young Farmer Award, it’s not what Brian and Jewel Pauls do to be successful, it’s how.