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Building strong junior-senior partnerships

6 min watch

Focus on Farm Transition videos provide strategies and advice to help you navigate the key challenges and questions that arise during the farm transition journey.

Planning to take over - or hand over - the farm can be daunting. In this episode, Patti Durand offers advice on how to build a business relationship between junior and senior partners that’s proactive, professional and respects both sides.

Key takeaways

  • Shift relationship from parent/child to business partnership

  • Use the term junior partner - avoid kid, child, boy, girl

  • Junior partners should be ready to step up – not act like the child

  • Communicating often is the common thread

  • Assess where you are and plan in stages - take it slow and cut yourself slack. Use our knowledge gaps and training needs assessment tool

  • Recognize you’re both on the same team

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